Industrial packing

XLPack offers a wide range of activities focused on providing the best packing solutions for your (export) products. These activities are:

– Design and production of custom industrial packaging of investment goods and aid supplies (including option for on-site packaging). For more information see our presentations.

Shrink wrapping and sealing of (export) products.

– Delivery of single and multi-use wooden boxes, wooden crates and skids (optionally with special hanging and locking devices).

– Carrying out of turn-key projects (marshalling) and industrial activities.

– Automated goods registration, physical control (checking) and processing of orders (picking & packing).

– Specialized stowage of containers (dry box, flat rack, open side- and top).

– Sale of new and second-hand containers.

– Storage under controlled temperature, repackaging and marking of (transit) goods.

– Arrangement of customs formalities and harbour documentation.

– Transportation of containers and (special) transportation services.


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